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Wooden Arms




Wooden Arms are a contemporary quintet from the UK that draw from alternative, classical, and trip-hop styles.


"Trick of the Light", their sophomore record due out Spring of 2017, marks a change in sonic texture from Wooden Arms' debut release, "Tide". The band's new sound is markedly more contemporary and heralds something of a departure from the classical chamber music styling of their debut. Infused with a greater use of rhythm and ethereal melodies, Wooden Arms' instrumentation has also grown to include more production and electronic elements - shaking off the shackles of ‘folk music’ pigeonholing, towards something newer, darker, more strange.


The band's evolution has not only shifted their sound - but also their composition process. Previously a solo writing process by classically trained pianist Alex Carson, the evolution of Wooden Arms' sound has transformed them into a writing trio between Alex Carson, Jeff Smith (Trumpet & Guitar) and Alex Mackenzie (Drums). Through this more collaborative style of writing the band has developed a more refined and richer sound.


"Burial", the first track released from the forthcoming album "Trick of the Light", is available now on iTunes, Google, Spotify, and Amazon.











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Lost In Your Own Home












Trick of the Light




Pillar of Salt






"… when in fact the music this Norwich band make can be genuinely thrilling. The album begins with December, a track they accurately describe as a "melancholic mariachi march with a trip-hop beat“. Portishead or Sigur Rós fans, it might be time to listen in." - The Sunday Times


“Wooden Arms have emerged with a brooding and delicate classical-folk song that is smothered in subtlety, tension and lush reverb." - The 405


“The band mix delicate piano with luscious strings and trip-hop inspired percussio to create something quite beautiful.” - Tom Robinson (BBC6 Music)


"(Chariclia) A most beautiful piece of music... Somewhat reminiscent of a Winged Victory for the Sullen with that sort of emotion and tone to it... Absolutely bewitching." - Simon Raymonde (Bella Union)


"A distinctive yet delicate blend of classical instrumentation meets modern melody, as is perfectly demonstrated in their majestic video for their track 'Tide'"– The 405


"Think Sigur Rós, but in English."– Cultured Vultures


"The initial tones of opening track December are intriguing if not beautiful.[…] almost Kate Bush like […], it reeks of class and genius. […] The theme of chamber music flows though the album but rather than appear high brow, it communicates the Wooden Arms sound dramatically and offers an alternative to today’s often mundane pop.[…] Wooden Arms have the talent and skill to create masterpieces of often spectacular class." - Louder Than War


"I found myself just wanting to shut the curtains, let the rain beat against the window whilst allowing this majestic album to take over my entire body mind and soul. […] appeal to anyone who has a love for music, be it classical, pop, indie, folk, electro, it really does not matter what genre you naturally find yourself drawn to, this is an album that will naturally cross genres and can be enjoyed by everyone. […] Wooden Arms have given us an album to treasure, ‘Tide’ is a real gem that you almost want to keep to yourself, but that would not be fair on the rest of the world." - AMP / A Musical Priority


"[…] their music captures a delicate beauty and style that proves unique.[…]Their indie folk sound summons an alternate take on a perfectly balanced orchestral setting with a contemporary feel.[…] The 6-track album sensually encapsulates an instrumental complexity adorned with superlative vocals that bring each track to life. Clear connections from classical greats are used to distinguish and yet embody a gentle ambience. […] Wooden Arms do not leave much room for criticism." – Kaltblut Magazine


"The name of the album captures perfectly the ebb and flow of their sound, a wash of strings, piano, guitar and choral vocals, transcending the exhilaration and heart wrench of their lyrics. […] “December” forms a gorgeous introduction. […] The verse of “Noah” is pure magic […] “False Start” is a brilliant song, and a perfect return to shore for the listener." - Drunken Werewolf


"The musical concept behind Wooden Arms is akin to what would probably happen if Grizzly Bear fell through a time machine and met with Mozart. […] The Norwich-based band have a distinctive yet delicate approach to making music that can sooth you yet allow you to ponder times of clarity and misery. Using a rich-sounding orchestra mixed with up-to-date percussion , it is very promising from a band whose future is set to be incredibly bright."- Cuckooreview


"…Wooden Arms have created a thing of genuine beauty. The emotion it evokes in me makes me want to stretch out in front of an open fire, whilst mourning the passing of summer." – The Rock Club UK


"It feels like the sea, like the sky, like nature and the wonder of its force. It feels like love, in music, in life, in everything and the way it grows. The band has composed a its own mini-­symphony, combining classical and pop music to perfection." - For Folk's Sake


"A six track fusion of classical chamber music, trip hop and folk, this sextet build on frameworks of piano, strings, trumpet, guitars and drums, weaving atmospheric soundscapes that will evoke thoughts of Talk Talk, Sigur Rós, Andrew Bird and Portishead." - Roots And Branches


"Music structures and instrumentation are influenced by the likes of Chopin and Mozart whilst the modern melodies and production values the very essence of Grizzly Bear and Andrew Bird." – Has it leaked


"Bittersweet Symphonies […] With ‘Tide’ the band have created a fascinating record that hits you with wave after wave of wondrous gloom." – AmericanaUK


"On Tide, Wooden Arms provide a unique listening experience, one that's both highly distinctive and tremendously addictive." – FATEA















































----- 2017 -----

May 1st - St Pauls Church - Cambridge

May 27th - SOFAR SOUNDS - London

June 30th - Norwich Arts Centre - Norwich

July 1st - St Pancras Old Church - London

July 2nd - Smuggler’s Records - Deal

July 3rd - Ramsgate Music Hall - Ramsgate

July 4th - The Hope and Ruin - Brighton