Diversion Records was legally founded in 2010 but officially launched in 2013 by Chicago area engineer/producer/musician, Scott Simon Haus. Initially created to serve as a platform for releases he produced, the label quickly expanded to include other artists outside of the internal production group. In 2017 Diversion Records co-released its first UK artist with the UK label Fierce Panda. An additional four UK artists followed this within the next 18 months. In 2018, an exclusive distribution agreement was signed with Sony Music's The Orchard to globally distribute all of Diversion Records releases. As of 2019 Diversion Records has signed its twentieth artist.


The goal of Diversion Records is to support long-term relationships with artists that have a deep-rooted artistic compulsion to create, musicianship with a drive to always grow and diversify, a sensitive eye to look inward and share a human experience, and the spirit to push boundaries between genres - even if that is outside of what is trending.


Labels that listeners and the media tend to use these on our release include; post-rock, indie rock, dream pop, alt-folk, Americana, indie pop, psychedelic, alternative, art pop, and coming in 2020; instrumental, ambient and electronic... but decide for yourself or disregard entirely.