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October-November 2018


Fall has come and along with it a series of new releases from our artists. Leading the list is the new Reliant Tom album "Bad Orange" that Big Takeover describes as "a funky, futuristic spectacle that shines brightly". Next up is the new Pete Mancini single "Pine Box Derby" that No Depression calls "a thoughtful song that recalls the innocence of childhood" and describes Pete as having "the forthrightness of a punk singer and the fragile sensitivity of a folk crooner". Finally, we have the new Wild Year EP that is an epic two-part new wave, synth rock journey that features Cole Morrall's beautiful and soaring vocals.


The featured playlist is our new playlist, "Diversion Records: New Releases", that collects and highlights all of our latest releases. Follow it on Spotify or Apple Music to always stay up to date on what's new.


Our featured video is "Happy Birthday" by Reliant Tom, their new dreamy and haunting video that was directed by J. Cody Spellman and Sam Kohlhaas.


For our interview section, we have a talk with Aaron Egeland of Blume Hinges that focuses on the current production and recording of his new album that is slated for release in 2019.


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Reliant Tom

Bad Orange (album)


The new avant-pop, trip-hop album from the NY based audio, visual, and dance duo.


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Pete Mancini

Pine Box Derby (single)


A gentle alt-folk portrait of childhood victories and vivid memories.


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Wild Year

Confessions of a Temperamental Rationalist (EP)


An effortlessly energetic pop song with shimmering synths lines, chiming guitars, and Cole's beautiful and soaring vocals.


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Our new official playlist that collects and highlights all of our latest releases.






Featured Video



Reliant Tom - "Happy Birthday" (Official Music Video)





The new dreamy and haunting Reliant Tom video directed by J. Cody Spellman and Sam Kohlhaas.






Artist Interview



Aaron Egeland of Blume Hinges


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Q: As you prepare to put out the new album, what are things that stand out in this one versus your older one?

A: This is an album that I intended to be much more of a cohesive whole than the last one. Although, I never intended this to be a “concept album”, and it is NOT a concept album -- but there are recurring lyrical themes and an overall atmosphere that I did intend to convey through the nearly extinct-act of listening to a record in its entirety. I also feel that the arrangements and overall song structure, as well as the hooks are different this time around. This album has a different vibe than “We Float”, but it is still very much a rock record.


Q: What do you want people to take away from your album? What are you most excited about it?

A: I guess ideally, I would just want people to take away whatever they want from this album - all art is subjective - and I really love that anyone can put out a piece of music/art/literature/etc. that means something specific to them - yet that same piece can take on a whole multitude of unique meanings for another person as they relate it to their own life experiences. That’s why I don’t like discussing the meanings behind my lyrics - because this individual experience gets destroyed. I am very excited for people to hear the new direction I’ve taken this project, and I feel that people who dug the last record will definitely be into this one.


Q: What is your process of putting together an album?

A: My process for putting together this album was basically not to think about writing an album. I just wrote songs and recorded demos for a year without the intention of writing something specifically for an album. Although, there are songs which I knew would be on this record from the moment that I began writing them, and those songs happened to convey a certain similarity which I knew would end up being the vibe of the record. So, at the beginning of last summer I started filling in the blank spots - with old songs and two new ones that fit into the overall feeling of the original tracks that I wanted to build the record around. This process was definitely the hardest, and most sleep depriving part of writing this record, but I think it turned out well. A lot of songs that I really liked didn’t make the cut simply because I didn’t think that they fit the overall vibe of the album. The last record was not made in this way. In my opinion “We Float”, which I mentioned earlier, is simply a collection of individual songs - This one is more of a cohesive whole in my opinion.


Q: What life experiences and people influenced this new album?

A: I don’t write from personal experience. I basically just write my lyrics in a stream-of-consciousness style, and then slightly tweak them to make them work. Although sometimes I don’t change them at all.


Q: Throughout this album process, how have you grown as a musician?

A: I feel like this is a question that could be better answered by the people around me - but I do think that my melodic tendencies, especially when it comes to lead guitar work, has found more of a home on this record then it did on the last one. I am also trying to incorporate a more varied array of instrumentation this time: there will be more synthesizers, processed vocals/guitar, piano, and violin - which I am super excited about.



Interview by Lilly Wellen


BIO: Lily Wellen is a freelance journalist and graduate of Marquette University's Diederich College of Communication. She currently writes for Chirp Radio, OnMilwaukee, Chicago Music Guide and Diversion Records.