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The fall is at hand and we have the first batch of new music from our fall release schedule, with many more announcements coming next month. Up first is a previously unreleased song by Wooden Arms, "Pillar of Salt”, that we released on August 9th in celebration of the five year anniversary of their debut album Tide. Recorded in the Tide era, "Pillar of Salt" showcases the band's intricate yet accessible musicianship that fuses post-rock, neo-classical, and dream pop in a song about loss and displacement. Next, we have a new single, by one of the latest additions to our roster, The Cordial Sins. Their new single "Cruel" features the band in their finest pop form with Liz Fisher's beautifully rising and arresting vocals alongside Corey Dickerson's lush guitar textures. "Cruel" comes out Sept 6th but is available to Pre-Save on Spotify or Apple Music today.


This summer at Pitchfork Music Festival we released our latest artist sampler, Diversion Records: Volume 4. You can stream it now on Spotify and Apple or download your own free copy now from our website.


Our latest videos featured are Little Church's hypnotic and psychedelic video for "Outside", and The Curls' quirky and gorgeously animated video for "Love Dot Com".


Thank you again for your support and interest in our artists! Lots more music to come in October and November.
















Wooden Arms

"Pillar of Salt"


Out Now


Previously unreleased track from the band's Tide era recordings that fuses post-rock, neo-classical, and dream pop.



The Cordial Sins



Out Sept 6th


Indie/Dream Pop layered with lush guitar textures and Liz Fisher's rising and arresting vocals.


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Our new Artist Sampler, Volume 4 is out now! Stream it on Spotify and Apple or download it for FREE.












Little Church - "Outside" (Official Music Video)





"Merges rock, soul, layered psychedelia and melody into their own unique form of art-pop" - Echos and Dust


Directed by Chelsea Foss-Ralston & Joey Delisi








The Curls - "Love Dot Com" (Official Music Video)





"Ever-prolific and doing so with a wink, the Chicago-based sextet is still relishing with their sense of humor" - Culture Collide


Animated & Edited by Alex Jensen