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Buffablog reviews the new Blume Hinges single "Silhouettes" - 5/24/17

Hypemachine listed Buffablog reviews the new Blume Hinges single "Silhouettes" describing it as "...catchy guitar hooks with ever-so-slightly forlorn vocals. A true alternative rock banger if we’ve ever heard one."



Diversion Records Adds Skyler Cocco

New York based singer and multi-instrumentalist Sklyer Cocco joins Diversion Records and announces June 2017 debut album release.



Wooden Arms Joins Diversion Records

UK based Wooden Arms is now represented in the US by Diversion Records.



Blume Hinges Debuts in the Top 200 on College Radio - 5/9/17

The new Blume Hinges album, "We Float", hits #180 in the NACC College Radio charts.



WBUT 90.3FM reviews Blume Hinges' "We Float" - 4/24/17

Colorado based station WBUT 90.3FM reviews the new Blume Hinges album "We Float" calling it "Rolling pop/rock for fans of Cloud Nothings, Joyce Manor".



WRUV 90.1FM reviews Blume Hinges' "We Float" - 4/18/17

Burlington, Vermont station WRUV 90.1FM reviews the new Blume Hinges album "We Float" stating that, "Aaron Egeland debuts (with) his ability to diversify his sound as an artist”



The Devil Has the Best Tuna features Blume Hinges - 3/25/17

The independant blog The Devil Has the Best Tuna features a track from the new Blume Hinges album calling it "top notch tuneage".



Blume Hinges - "We Float" Album - OUT TODAY - 3/20/17

The new album by Blume Hinges, "We Float", is out today on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon.



Soundsphere reviews Blume Hinges' "Duvel" - 2/24/17

Soundsphere Magazine reviews the new preview track "Duvel" from the bands' forthcomming album "We Float" calling it, "Something magical, and a little haunting”



Blume Hinges releases new video for "Take Me Down" - 2/9/17

The new video for Blume Hinges first single, "Take Me Down", is out today.



Aimless Skylarking names "Sorry in the Summer" #13 of 2016 - 12/15/16

Chicago trio Impulsive Hearts managed to capture and distill a fleeting summer romance on their debut album, Sorry in the Summer. Smatterings of surf pop and shoegaze sounds frame Danielle Sines riveting broken hearted tales to lo-fi perfection. Sorry in the Summer is the sound of getting over it.



Buffablog reviews Skyler Cocco - 12/5/16

"Do you ever feel like someone in your life is draining your energies with nothing in return? NY-based grunge-popper Skyler Cocco does – that’s what her latest single is about. Skyler has a distinctly 90s-influenced sound, combining grunge fuzz guitars with sticky-sweet vocal melodies. We think fans of Bully, Liz Phair, or Pity Sex would be down with this one.



The Daily Listening reviews Stella in the Clouds "Awake We Dream" - 11/25/16

Native of France but now Brooklyn-based artist, Stella In The Clouds, is a multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter and producer that has been turning heads with her newest release, Awake We Dream. Blending elements of electronic, trip-hop and post-rock, fans of Garbage, Portishead and The Cranberries are sure to fall head over heels for the singer’s dreamy aesthetic and lulling vocals, especially in buzz track, “Quiet Collision.”



When The Horn Blows Reviews "Sklyer Cocco" - 11/17/16

"A voice almost purpose built for this sort of music. It hovers smoothly over the guitar in an almost listless manner which compliments the attitude of the lyrics perfectly.



Soundshere Reviews Skyler Cocco - 11/15/16

"This is the tastiest slab of fuzzy alternative rock you’ll hear in a long time."



Stella in the Clouds - "Awake We Dream" EP - OUT NOW - 11/15/16

The new EP by Stella in the Clouds, "Awake We Dream", is out today on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon.


On iTunes

The Wandering Lamb reviews Stella in the Clouds "Awake We Dream" - 11/5/16

Stella In the Clouds combines her hushed vocals with synths and a free-reign guitar to give us this hypnotic song. ‘Quiet Collision’ is a lengthy sonic inhale and exhale made right next to your ear.



SPILL MAGAZINE Advance Streaming "Awake We Dream" - 11/4/16

Stella in the Clouds' new EP "Awake We Dream" is exclusively now streaming on Spill Magazine in advance of its release on November 15th.



HHHHAPPY reviews Stella in the Clouds -11/5/16

On her second album "Awake We Dream", Stella in the Clouds parts ways with her previous acoustic style and reinvents herself with a new electronic hybrid sound that blends elements of trip-hop, modern composition and post/alt rock.



Stella in the Clouds new EP "Awake We Dream" - Out Nov 15th - 10/25/16

"Awake We Dream" by Stella in the clouds comes out on Nov 15th. The album will also be available for pre-ordering on Nov 4th on iTunes.


On iTunes

Grayowlpoint reviews "Virgnia" - 10/18/2016

"Each of the seven tracks on her second release is touched, in their own way, with Gallagher’s travels—including the twangy, defiant “Southern Soul” that explains, “It’s hard now to go out on my own/ And to leave behind everything I’ve known,” safe in the knowledge she’ll be called back again."



Ipanema Cosmonauts - "Adrift" EP - OUT TODAY - 10/18/16

The new EP by Ipanema Cosmonauts, "Adrift", is out today on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon.


On iTunes

WOLF IN A SUIT reviews "Adrift" - 10/14/16

From the cold city of Saransk, Russia come Ipanema Cosmonauts with a name that evokes a certain warmth and even sandy beaches. It’s nice to see that the warmth we seek is found in their music and Alice’s beautiful voice. This talented Russian duo provides us with a nice touch of refreshing sounds, an ethereal voice and a mix of old and new sounds incorporated so marvelously and so delicately creating must listen songs that should be added in your playlists from the first moment you hear the first verse. It wouldn’t surprise me if this magnetic duo takes 2017 by storm and start building a name that you should all start knowing because they are something truly special and unique..."



Power of Pop features "Kites" - 10/14/16

Ipanema Cosmonauts featured on Power of Pop's October music sampler.



SOM MUSIC reviews "Adrift" - 10/11/16

Ipanema Cosmonauts is the dream-pop, post-rock, nu-gaze, you-name-it duo formed by Alice and Serge in the cold, cold city of Saransk, Russia. Blending ambient guitar textures and pop laden progressions against effortless, serine and soaring vocal melodies, the band’s thoughtfully crafted songs have a maturity and spaciousness that both hooks you in and lets you drift.



BuffaBlog review "Virginia" - 10/9/16

Tanya Gallagher was born and raised in Pensacola, FL, but her timeless Americana folk has a sound that spans the country. “Virginia” is a breath of down-home fresh air – Gallagher’s hushed delivery and the song’s gentle swooning is enough to chill anyone out. Fans of Edward Sharpe or Sarah Jaffe should feel right at home.



Cassette Store Day 2016 - Impulsive Hearts "Live & Demos"

For Cassette Store Day 2016, Diversion Records is releasing the cassette only EP "Live & Demos" by Impulsive Hearts. The six song EP feature live performances by Impulsive Hearts at the DIY venue Young Camelot in Chicago, WGN Radio, and a demo version of a previously unreleased song.



POP MUZIK Reviews "Kites" - 10/5/16

Luftig drömpop med den ryska duon Ipanema Cosmonauts. Singeln Kites tar oss med upp bland molnen på både engelska och japanska. Väldigt mysigt måste jag säga. Låten är tagen från duons debut-EP Adrift som släpps den 18:e Oktober.



Bee Hive Candy reviews "Adrift" - 10/4/16

Their debut release, Adrift starts with their most accessible and pop driven tracks, "Kites" and "Return", followed by their more well known tracks, "Black Helicopters" and "Washed", that originally propelled their success on music streaming services. First of four tracks on the EP, 'Kites' demonstrates the more rockier side of the duo, they are capable of much softer and dreamy material. All is of a very high standard as they mix up the styles and consistently provide fine melodies and vocals.



JOY of VIOLENT MOVEMENT reviews "Adrift" - 10/3/16

Ipanema Cosmonauts is a Saransk, Russia-based dream pop/shoegaze duo, who have started to receive international attention for a lush an enveloping sound in which they blend ambient and shimmering guitar chords with pop-leading chord progressions and soaring, almost pop-star-like vocals as you’ll hear on “Kites,” the first single off the duo’s soon-to-be released Adrift EP. Interestingly, the band’s sound manages to nod at 4AD Records heyday, paired with deeply contemplative lyrics.



Aimless Skylarking reviews "Virginia" - 10/3/16

In my late teens, I spent a few months of life in Virginia. I was a long way away from home, and didn't connect with the place. I've since returned and found loveliness in the state. While working as an intern in the summer of 2009 and on return trips, Virginia stole the heart of artist Tanya Gallagher. It became a home away from home, teaching her love and loss. Her third album, Virginia, is out now. The title track is a pastoral folky masterpiece.



Exclaim reviews "Virginia" - 9/30/16

Gallagher's voice is earnest as she masterfully sings long lines that feel as though they capture her stream of consciousness. Her narratives reference her move to Vancouver from Pensacola, Florida in 2013, light guitar chords strummed throughout "The Ship" as she laments a careless long-distance boyfriend. "3002 Miles" concludes the EP, a slower number that serves as an appendix to the previous track. "I just wanted to say fuck you," Gallagher adds softly, as she describes her ex's new relationship. The emotion in her voice is palpable as she couple poignancy with wry humour.




Tanya Gallagher - "Virginia" - OUT TODAY - 9/30/16

The new album by Tanya Gallagher, "Virginia", is out today on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon.


On iTunes

Moxipop reviews "Virginia" - 9/27/16

In a thoroughly Canadian and robustly articulate release, Tanya Gallagher finds a resting place to air some grievances on her Virginia EP, a logical step in between what will no doubt find the songstress in a more consuming affair on record. Still, Virginia is a romantic interlude crossing some wholly romantic territory that can only be described as something of a micro victory in all accounts.



Ipanema Cosmonauts - "Adrift" EP Reissue - Out October 18th - 9/16/16

The US re-release of Ipanema Cosmonauts debut and self-recorded EP "Adrift" comes out on Oct. 18th 2016. The dream-pop, post-rock, nu-gaze, you-name-it duo from cold, cold Saransk, Russia formed by Alice and Serge, are currently recording their first full-length LP and collaborating with US based artists for a release in mid 2017.



Tanya Gallagher's new album "Virginia" - Out Sept 30th - 9/12/16

The new full length album by Tanya Gallagher will be release on Sept 30th on all major digital music distributors.


On iTunes

Diversion Records adds Impulsive Hearts - 9/9/16

Chicago based Impulsive Hearts has been added to Diversion Records roster of artists. Their current album "Sorry in the Summer" is available now on iTune, Spotify and other digital music distributors. The band is currently developing material for a new release on Diversion Records in 2017.



GIRL UNDERGROUND reviews Blume Hinges - 9/5/2016

"Sometimes you just need a good noise-rock track to kick you in the back of the head to start your day (I may be alone on this statement). Regardless, Blume Hinges and their track “Take Me Down” captures past angst in the form of fuzzy, and gritty vocals that are stretched on crumbles of power chords. Acting as a moniker for guitarist and vocalist Aaron Egeland, the Saskatchewan native collaborated with Chicago-based drummer Rodney Veinot to fuel the drive of the track. “Take Me Down” is strong in momentum, build, and keeps a consistent length of strength for the duration in a clean presentation despite the DIY and rugged appeal."



Berkeley Place features BLUME HINGES - 9/2/16

The debut track "Take Me Down" from Canadian based Blume Hinges is a featured new release at Berkeley Place.



Chris J. Connolly Previews New Album on WUSB 90.1FM - 8/28/16

Chris J. Connolly's recently appeared on 90.1FM WUSB with Jerry Backfish to preview live version of new tracks from his upcomming new album scheduled for release in early 2017. An streaming archive of appearance and perfmancees is available now on Soundcloud.




Blume Hinges - "Take Me Down" - OUT TODAY - 8/23/16

Blume Hinges, the moniker of guitarist and signer Aaron Egeland with the backing of drummer Rodney Veniot, have released their debut track "Take Me Down" from their forthcoming debut album due out early 2017


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Blume Hinges to Release Debut Track "Take Me Down" on Aug. 22nd - 7/18/16

Blume Hinges, the moniker of guitarist and signer Aaron Egeland with the backing of drummer Rodney Veniot, will release their debut track "Take Me Down" on August 22nd, 2016. The song is the first from their forthcoming debut album due out early 2017.


On iTunes

Chris J. Connolly to play Great South Bay Music Festival - 7/17/16

Chris J. Connolly will performing this year at The Great South Bay Music Festival. The line up for the Sunday show includes headliners Graham Nash, Railroad Earth, John Sebastian, and NRBQ



Diversion Records adds Ipanema Cosmonauts - 9/12/16

The Russian based duo Ipanema Cosmonauts is now part of Diversion Records roster of artists. There original self recorded EP will be rereleased in the US this fall while the band is currently wiriting and recording material for a new, full length 2017 release.



HEAPING HELPING interviews Ipanema Cosmonauts (Ivy Lane) - 4/2/16

"Oozing with ethereal melodies.... a lucid dream, and feels like a journey through form as much as genre. Vocals pass in and out of the tracks, as do drums and lead lines. Slow, fluid melodies warm the mind without ever droning, and build into gorgeous rhythmic releases"



Speak into My Good Eye reviews Skyler Cocco - 3/10/16

"It’s hard to reach for the sound and aesthetic that Floral Park, NY-based songwriter Skyler Cocco is going for without dipping into straight up parody. But Cocco’s natural presence and talent allows for her to occupy the modern grunge lane as a fresh spark. On her latest single, “Some Nerve,” Cocco unfurls a sprawling, anthemic sonic tapestry as heavy guitars set up her ethereal vocal."



Nerdy Frames reviews Skyler Cocco - 12/8/15

"melodic grunge while also mixing elements of pop"



Chris J Connolly Radio Appearances - 12/1/15

In support of his latest release, Flying Lessons, Chris will be appearing on WEHM, WUSB and WRCN in December. Click below for live stream links.


WEHM 92.6-FM   WUSB 90.1-FM   WCRN 103.9-FM

Chris J Connolly to play the SUNY Unversity Café’s final show with Butchers Blind and Brian Gallo - 11/19/15

After many years of legendary shows, the Sunday Street series at University Cafe is finally coming to an end. Final show features Bryan Gallo, Chris J Connolly, and Butchers Blind./p>


Event Details

Pop Matters Premiers New Skyler Cocco Song "Some Nerve"" - 11/4/15

"(Some Nerve)... brings a unique pop sensibility to heavy, guitar-based rock"



MUSIC GIGS AND THINGS reviews Ivy Lane (Ipanema Cosmonauts) - 7/4/16

"stunning electro-pop... quietly restrained and elegant"



GIRL UNDERGOUND Reviews "Black Helicopters - 6/25/15

"An effortless, relaxing feel, provided by guitar and clean composition. Experimental with her own vocals, the simplicity delivers great beauty, that words alone are not enough to explain."



New Video for “Million Colours” out today on Vevo - 4/20/15

Chris J Connolly's new video for Million Colours debuts on Vevo today.


Watch on Vevo

Chris J Connolly finishes recent tour with three shows in New York - 3/12/15

The final group of Chris J Connolly shows for this spring will be at Putnam’s in Brooklyn on March 22nd, The Way Station in Brooklyn on April 3rd, and The Bowrey Electric in NYC on April 12th.


Event Details

New Vissuda Single, "Drone Oncet" - 3/31/15

The new single from Vissuda, "Drone Oncet", is out today as a download or stream.



Indie Shuffle Promotion - "Flying Lessons" Album Preview - 3/2/15

Stream or download a preview of Chris J Connolly upcoming release, "Flying Lessons", via Indie Shuffle.


Indie Shuffle Preview

New Stella in the Clouds single “Shaman” - 2/17/15

Stella in the Cloud's new single Shaman is out now. Full album available on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Bandcamp and Physical CD.


iTunes   Amazon   Google   Bandcamp

“Million Colours” Featured on CMJ Mixtape - 2/2/15

CMJ has picked "Million Colours" as a featured new release for the February edition of the CMJ Mixtape.


Current CMJ Mixtape "Flying Lessons" Album Give Away - 1/26/15

Register at to be eligible to win one of five free copies of "Flying Lessons".



Chris J Connolly WEHM 92.6-FM Apperance with Album Preview - 1/6/15

On Jan 15th, Chris will be appearing live on WEHM 92.6-FM to preview tracks from his upcoming release of "Flying Lessons"


WEHM 92.6-FM Stream

Vissuda CMJ Radio Rotation - 12/2/14

Tracks from Vissuda's recent album are in rotation and can be requested at most CMJ college radio stations, including WCWS Wooster, WGRE Greencastle, WOBC Oberlin, WPTS Pitsburgburg.


WCWS 90.9-FM   WGRE 91.5-FM   WOBC 91.5FM   WPTS 92.1-FM

New Stella in the Clouds single “Puppeteer” - 11/5/14

Stella in the Cloud's new single "Puppeteer" is out today. Free Download avaialble directly from Diversion Records.



PERFORMER Reviews Stella in the Clouds - 10/17/14

"Combining the gentleness and the serenity of genial birdsongs, Exile On Earth imbues peacefulness with weathered-heart wisdom...From the breathy comfort of the opener, “Dark Lullaby,” to the abating chords and ocean waves of “Receding,” the record exhibits melodic finger-picking... lacy progressions and tasteful percussion with an innocence and personable aspect that feels as if you’re experiencing the songs first-hand."


Performer Magazine

Diversion Records Artists on Pandora Radio - 10/23/14

You can now listen to all of our artists on Pandora via our Diversion Records channel that features DR artists and others as selected by the Pandora genome project.


Pandora Channel

Chris J Connolly to play album release show at historic Patchogue Theater's opening seasons show - 10/15/14

Chris J Connolly will be playing an album release show for his album "Flying Lessons" on October 23rd at the historic Patchogue Theater on the opening day of their Fall Season.


New York Times - Full Article

OrcaSound reviews Stella in the Clouds new Release - 8/2/14

"Stella’s acoustic folk and chamber arrangements create something that very few others could have conceived."


Orca Sound Review

IMPOSE Reviews Vissuda - 7/30/14

IMPOSE Magazine reviews the latest Vissuda release calling it "an album that hits on so many different levels, peaking and plummeting into moments of introspection and clarity".


IMPOSE Full Review

Diversion Records Adds Chris J Connolly - 6/10/14

Diversion Records adds Chris J Connolly to their artist roster with a release planned for early 2015.


Artist Bio

UCLA Radio Reviews “On the Verge” - 6/9/14

ULCA Radio reviews "On the Verge" calling it "an a emotional ride that is the perfect soundtrack for a long drive in the city.".


UCLA Full Review

Stella in the Clouds “Exile on Earth” Out Today - 5/27/14

Stella in the Clouds new full length album is out now on iTunes, Google, Amazon, Deezer, or direct from Diversion Records.


iTunes   Amazon   Google   Bandcamp

Stella in the Clouds' new single "Peace" Out Today - 2/25/14

The first single from Stella in the Clouds upcoming album is out today as a download or stream.



Vissuda is now streaming on Pandora Radio - 2/19/14

In addition to other platforms, Vissuda can now also be streamed on Pandora.


Vissuda Pandora Station

Vissuda’s Single “Twice” Hits #106 in New Releases - 2/4/14

"Twice" by Vissuda reached #106 on the FMQB Commercial Radio Top 200 Chart.


FMQB Charts

KZUU 90.7-FM Picks Vissuda as CMJ Selection -10/2/13

KZUU in Washington State picks Vissuda as their CMJ selection and calls their latest release “a mix of alt-rock, psychedelic tones, experimental styles, and borderline ambient - more ambitious then what it’s singles might lend you to believe”.


KZUU Review

Vissuda - "On the Verge", Out Today - 8/20/13

Vissuda - "On the Verge" is out today.


Get Album

Pre-Order On the Verge, Out August 20th - 7/30/13

"On the Verge" will be released on August 20th. Digital and physical copies can be pre-rordered now.



New Vissuda video featured on Verbicide - 2/28/13

Vissuda's new video for is now streaming on Verbicide.



In Your Speakers features "Twice" - 2/4/13

Vissuda's video for for their new single "Twice" is features on In Your Speakers.


In Your Speakers

Video for "Twice" out now on Vevo - 1/23/13

Vissuda's video for "Twice", the first single from their upcoming album, debuts today on Vevo.


Watch on Vevo

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